High school students from the Former Soviet Union now living in Israel often have troubled family backgrounds. They are often woefully incapable of transitioning into employment, marriage, parenting and managing a home in their new country. This tragically results in many broken, dysfunctional families, expensive interventions, and the next generation becoming similarly scarred and ill-prepared. JOIN’s Life Skills Workshop prepares young men and women for the challenges they will face in interactive group sessions for 15-25 participants. Students learn and discuss topics such as home management, financial management, employment skills, coping skills, stress management, communications, marriage and parenting.

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“The workshops gave so much. I began to think differently. I was opened to new ways of looking at things. Things that were ‘obstacles’ became ‘challenges’ for me. The daily issues don’t wear me down any longer. Rather they bring me to build myself up through them, renew myself, fulfill my capabilities and creativity. I learned, simply, how to enjoy life – my family, myself, and everything around me. To enjoy and be grateful for everything. Thank you so much, to those who made it [the workshop series] possible!"

Sarah W, Participant, Ofakim