Educational Consulting

Too often, poorly funded schools start off with less than experienced educators teaching in specialties they were never trained in, and who receive little ongoing training or supervision. The daily grind can leave teachers stagnating and no longer imaginative and creative. Curriculum can become outdated or incomplete.

JOIN employs innovative expert consultants to upgrade scholastic programs in 15 elementary schools. These consultants sit in on classes, assess curriculum, projects and textbooks, evaluate students’ academic achievement, and make and implement recommendations to make classes more interactive, engaging and educational. They also regularly advise teachers and run a 2-day teacher- training seminar in the summer.

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"I appreciate the opportunity I have to work creatively in shaping the education in so many schools. Teachers are constantly expressing their excitement to be teaching an animated subject instead of the static approach of passing over information to be learned and remembered. The teachers are thirstily reaching out, looking for new ideas and projects!“

Hila Shraga, JOIN Israel Science Consultant