Stephen Bisk

Executive Director

Stephen Bisk is the founding Executive Director of JOIN Israel and the Israeli nonprofit, Ofkei Chaim. Stephen is a serial social entrepreneur with a disciplined analytical approach to efficient philanthropy. He has channeled his passion for meaning and helping those most in need to create 85 philanthropic projects over the last 30 years.

Stephen graduated with a B.Sc. from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. He also has rabbinic ordination and eight certificate degrees. Stephen has taught post-high school courses, and written and taught a 70-week online course on relationships. He also advises other nonprofits. Stephen is also a co-founder of the Israeli social enterprise, Prakti Perfekt, an affordable and financially pragmatic system to reduce wedding expenses for low- income families.

Email:    Phone: (212) 561-5343


Alex Schieber

Director of Development

Alex brings to JOIN a lifelong passion for Israel, philanthropy, and building the culture of philanthropy in the next generation. Alex received his degree in Political Science at Rockefeller College, The University at Albany. He also attended The Semester at Sea: The Institute of Shipboard Education. Alex has led multiple trips to Israel for young Jewish professionals, interned at AIPAC, and held a fellowship at the Jewish National Fund. Prior to JOIN, Alex worked in development at the Long Island Chapter for the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.

Email:    Phone: (516) 521-3625


Sarah Spiel

Development Assistant

Sarah has always had deep-routed admiration for humanitarianism. She has long been inspired by a quote from Talmud ” כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה” which translates to all of the people of Israel are responsible for each other. Sarah believes that all Jews anywhere should help all Jews everywhere. Sarah maintains a Political Science degree from Binghamton University and a Notary Public license. Prior to JOIN she interned for local and state politicians throughout New York and proudly resides in Queens, New York.


The JOIN Israel Staff


Avigile May

JOIN Big Brother

Simcha Seperuk, Program Coordinator

Bolster Education

Hila Shraga, Science Consultant

Family Services

Leah Shternberg, Retreat Coordinator

Ester Offengenden, Workshops and Therapy Coordinator

Zvi Kaplan, Family Counselor

Yehudis Engel, Somechet (Professional Family Mentors)

Chaya Kushnir, Youth Assessments

Pitronot (Solutions)

Meir Shternberg, Senior Financial and Legal Director

Shimon Mor-Yosef, Legal Counsel

Mordechai Stein, Intake and Family Financial Management - Department of Implementation

  • Miriam Klein, Head of Department
  • Yael Cohen
  • Rachel Broyer

Department of Bureaucratic Processing

  • Michal Klein, Head of Department
  • Raizy Ben-Chaim
  • Chani Langnauer

Shmuel Veitsman, Financial servicing

Dina Mirte, Administrator

The JOIN Israel Team

Bolster Education

David Ivgi, Educational Consultant

Miriam Schachor, Educational Administrator

Dr. David Wapner, English Consultant

Family Services

Sarah Gikroiter, Community coordinator, Beitar

Mira Veisbin, Community Coordinator, Ofakim

Natan Miller, Coordinator of Youth Programming

Alexander Chelminitsky, Educational Coordinator

Moshe Kopstein, Programming Coordinator

Naomi Cohen, Youth Intervention Coordinator

JOIN Lifeline

Ofra Cohen, Coordinator in Bat Yam

Maya Feder, Coordinator in Beitar Illit

Bruria Zeno, Coordinator in Netivot

Sigalit Chonen, Coordinator in Nof HaGalil

Suzy Marciano and Dani Ashkanazi, Coordinators in Ofakim

Stella Rotman, Coordinator in Or-Akiva

Ronit Mahasari, Coordinator in Or-Yehuda

Medical Advocacy

Aryeh Geller, Program Coordinator

Our Own Way

Gonen Harel, Program Coordinator

Gadi Sivan, Program Supervisor

Jerusalem Soup Kitchen

Yaakov Ostrovsky, Program Coordinator

Boris Wolf, Chief Cook