Once a year, JOIN Israel hosts a women’s retreat. The retreat, which takes place in Jerusalem, is attended by 120 women from across the State of Israel. For three days, JOIN Israel treats these overworked and exhausted women to a well-deserved vacation from their stressful lives. The annual retreat has taken place for over a decade. The attendees are able to relax, have fun with friends, both old and new, and have critical discussions. This includes a seminar led by a relationship counselor, a dialogue on how to continue moving forward amongst an ever-changing pandemic, and discussions on how to properly take care of and appreciate their children with special needs. Many of these women are never given the opportunity to take a vacation, making the retreat an invaluable experience for their mental health and overall wellbeing. Thanks to the supporters at JOIN Israel, these women are given the opportunity to take a pause from their lives for a few days, giving them a renewed sense of energy and strength.

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“Thank you for these amazing days! I enjoyed the interesting and varied program; everything was done tastefully. Having the opportunity to take a break from my children, the bottles, diapers, meals was priceless. Having this breath of fresh air, leaving the daily grind, it does wonders for the body and the soul.

It gave me strength/energy to be able to continue further, and function as a mother for my children and as a wife. Just like a phone won’t operate without battery power, so too is this retreat like a recharged battery for the entire year!"

Asnat W (2019 Retreat Participant)