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The Russian immigrant community in Israel is particularly plagued by deeply rooted, complex problems in the home, including marital strife, spouse and child abuse or abandonment, depression, divorce, dysfunctional behavior, addictions, unemployment and poverty. They are also less likely to seek intervention, and less likely to benefit from standard resources. However, without intervention, issues tend to snowball and devastate the family unit and each of its members.

Over the past 18 years, JOIN has been at the forefront of helping Russian immigrant communities with the many acute issues they face communally and individually. Our programs include:


  • Family educational material and a question-and-answer forum, prepared and disseminated in printed and online venues (tens of thousands of readers) - Relationship course, 70-week, authored and disseminated (1000 overall participants)
  • Parenting course, via email, in development
  • Relationship and parenting lectures and workshops arranged and held throughout Israel (35 lectures or workshops/month)
  • Workshops on empowerment, coping, and character building

Somechet (Mentoring) - Somechet trains relationship, parenting and life skills, and imparts the systems and behaviors to successfully manage the rigors of running a family and home. The somechet also provides expert guidance and support for dealing with thornier issues such as fighting, discipline, school and agency intervention, within the context of the difficult family situation. -

Women’s Retreat – An annual 3-day retreat for low socio-economic, hyper-stressed mothers to rest. They enjoy healthy meals, socialize, enjoy intellectual stimulation, and engage in recreational activities. The retreat recharges the women physically and emotionally, to energetically and happily return to the daily demands of another year.

Weddings – minor support toward weddings in situations of need

Divorce Mediation and Legal Representation- Through the Pitronot Solutions legal team. For all these projects, we significantly extend our reach through strategic partnerships to redeem families and bolster the stability and flourishing of this beleaguered community.

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