Psychological issues can impede productivity and the ability to feel positive emotions. However, the cost of therapy is beyond the means of many, and tragically, many go untreated. JOIN Therapy subsidizes most-critical counseling for adults. We also subsidize psycho-educational evaluations for children exhibiting underlying difficulties, providing them with the therapeutic help they need.

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“Two months ago, our son began therapy, subsidized by JOIN Israel. Before therapy, my child was almost never in class due to enormous learning difficulties that he was experiencing. The teachers were impatient, angry at him and the whole situation left him far behind. We frequently heard “Mom, I don’t want to go to school. It is hard for me to learn!

Then we received the gift of the therapist. He completely understood my son’s difficulties. He gave him emotional support. Established a connection with all his teachers and principal. He was able, not only to make them aware of the underlying difficulties our son had, but to completely change their approach in relating to our son. I know hear “Mom, I want to be the best student in the class!”

Due to our financial status, we could have never provided our child with the therapy he needed our self. Thank you JOIN Israel!“

Yael L, Jerusalem