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Many Israeli elderly live day-to-day in severe financial distress, unable to help themselves and with no one else to help them. When critical, expensive needs arise, they are simply unable to cope. JOIN LifeLine works with government welfare agencies in seven cities to receive their social workers’ assessment and prioritization of the most-needy cases that have no other source of funding. Every JOIN dollar goes to purchase medicines and provide dental work, hearing aids, eyeglasses, critical home repairs, medical transportation, blankets, heaters and the like, literally saving impoverished elderly in their hour of greatest need.


Chana (pictured above) is one of several hundred recipients of Project Lifeline. Chana endured 40 years of unimaginable domestic abuse. She was cut off from humanity, locked in her home, deprived of food, clothing and health care. Despite her poor health and medical conditions, Chana endured.

When Chana’s husband passed away, Israel’s social welfare system ‘discovered’ her. Thanks to our unique collaboration, they reached out to us on Chana’s behalf. JOIN gave Chana the basics she lacked. Project Lifeline gave her a renewed hope in humanity, herself, and life itself.