$500,000 of prepared food and food staples are distributed annually to poor individuals, students and families. JOIN’s Jerusalem Soup Kitchen serves close to 100 meals daily and distributes weekly food packages to dozens of families. With 95% of food products donated by dozens of food suppliers and a volunteer staff, the soup kitchen operates on little more than rent, utilities and the car’s gas to pick up the donations and bring them back to feed Jerusalem’s hungry.

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“How do I feel about what we are doing with this soup kitchen? Taking a few dollars here and there and creating a half a million dollars’ worth of hot meals and food staples for poor students and families. The Torah proscribes a special tithe for the poor, food is given to the poor, the stranger, the orphan, the widow for them to eat and become satiated. We then declare that we fulfilled everything that was incumbent on us, which the tradition tells us expresses that that we are full of joy as we fill others with joy! That is how I feel! “

Yakov Ostrovsky, Head of the Kitchen, Jerusalem