JOIN Israel works with community leaders to find and address the needs of some of their communities most vulnerable and at-risk families. Through our Somechet (mentoring) initiate, our trained mentors introduce rehabilitative mentoring.

The program consists of intensive sessions in parent training, life skills ans relationship management. Due to their unique set of needs, our Somechet mentors are focusing on Russian speaking immigrant families from the former Soviet Union.

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“When I started working with the ‘T’ family, their home was total chaos. The family were caring people, but they were overwhelmed and frustrated. Both parents were only-children raised by doting grandparents in Russia. They never learned how to organize a home, set goals or maintain boundaries and order. 

We met three times a week for intensive mentoring session. I taught them step-by-step how to keep a kitchen clean, organize meals, and how to listen and understand their children’s needs. They learned what role a parent should play in their children's education and how to cope when adversity arises."

Yehudit Engel, JOIN Israel Somechat (mentor) Professional