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Few experiences in life are as stressful as a medical emergency. The stakes are high and the urgency is overwhelming. Navigating the world of medical care through red-tape bureaucracy is daunting. For an immigrant, the difficulties are multiplied by language barriers and cultural differences making this trying time nearly impossible. The Medical Advocacy Hotlines provides both Russian and Hebrew speaking advocates who provide assistance to former Soviet Union immigrants struggling to manage medical emergencies.

No one should be deprived of the medical care that is required, and available, because of lack of information.

Addressing the overwhelming need, JOIN Israel is working to establish the Israel Medical Advocacy Hotline (IMAH) in Russian (and Hebrew) for immigrants struggling to manage medical emergencies. In partnership with Chaim V’ Chessed, IMAH medical advocate gives the frantic patient the assurance and resources to navigate the system and know their rights.

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