JOIN Lifeline: Helping Israeli Elderly COVID-19 Emergency Campaign


The COVID-19 pandemic has isolated Israel’s elderly and decimated the financial capacity of families that support them. Facing a much higher risk of severe illness or mortality from the virus. The number of elders turning to the welfare department for basic food and medical supplies has skyrocketed. The agencies lack the resources to be able to address this burgeoning demand.

JOIN Israel’s mission is to rescue Israelis in Crisis. JOIN LifeLine alleviates the acute emergency needs of Israel’s impoverished elderly who have no other source of funding, through a long-standing partnership with municipal government welfare agencies in seven cities.

At this time of unprecedented international crisis, we are compelled to reach out to you for special emergency support to help the most vulnerable elderly.

Your support will help us provide $100/month to 150 distressed elderly in seven cities for the next three months for critical food and medical assistance.

Every dollar goes directly to most-critical food and medical needs of the most- vulnerable elderly. The municipal government welfare agencies have the dedicated and professional staff eager to relieve the suffering and fear.

These are our fellow Jews – Bubbes, and Zaides. They have been through great hardship – the Holocaust, expelled from Arab lands and fighting in the IDF for the creation of the Jewish State. They were there for us when we needed it most and THEY NEED US NOW.

For any questions please reach out to Alex Schieber, Director of Development of JOIN Israel at


The JOIN Israel Staff & Board of Directors

Stephen Bisk, Executive Director / Alex Schieber, Director of Development Neil Wessan, President / Rick Smilow, Vice President

Michael Asch / Regina Bisk/ Doug Cohen / Murray Dayan

Daniel Goldberg / Jeffrey Keswin Jeffrey Kleinhaus

Daniel Nir / Melissa Steinberg / Bryan Weingarten