Israeli Wine Tasting with Carmel Winery

On the evening of Sunday, August 9th, JOIN Israel supporters virtually joined together for an ‘Israeli Wine Tasting with Carmel Winery’. Over 100 supporters attended from 9 states in the US as well as from England, Canada and Israel. Attendees had the option to purchase a bottle of red and white wine in advance of the tasting.  All proceeds of the event went towards providing immediate assistance to Israelis struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Board of Director, Jeffrey Kleinhaus opened the evening recounting his latest trip to Israel and his visit to a JOIN Lifeline benefactor. He then introduced Roni Jesselson, President of Carmel Winery in North America. Ronni started the tasting with the Carmel Sauvignon Blanc Selected Series and then continued to the Carmel Cabernet Sauvignon Appellation Series. 

The tasting was followed by a Q&A with Roni, as well as an interactive game where attendees competed for a complimentary bottle of wine. The tasting ended with a video from JOIN Israel and a quick conversation with Stephen Bisk, JOIN Israel’s Executive Director.

Thank you to Joshua Greenstein, The Israel Wine Producers Associations, Skyview Wine & Spirits, Roni Jesselon and Carmel Winery.

What attendees had to say:

“The host was great! Very informative, not intimidating to those of us who know little about wine and his tips and stories were relevant. Great organization to support and to know more about. Thanks so much!”

“I had to talk my wife into joining the event and at the end, she commented how nice an event it was and how surprisingly good Carmel Wines were.”

Ticket proceeds will go towards assisting Israelis in crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.