Chocolate Tasting

On Sunday, April 18th 2021, over 60 supporters in 9 states joined together to experience a guided chocolate tasting to celebrate Israel’s 73rd birthday. Supporters received a kosher chocolate tasting kit in the mail from Laughing Gull Chocolates. 

The proceeds went towards providing educational consultants for STEM Education (Science Technology, Engineering and Math). STEM provides at-risk student the skills to help lift themselves out of poverty and into a bright future. 

The tasting was opened by Board Member, Maurice Dayan. Maurice talked about his background in chocolate and his experience as a long-standing supporter of JOIN Israel. “As donors to JOIN Israel we get a lot of bang for the buck, the organization is doing g-d’s work in Israel.”

Participants then heard from Hila Shraga, Educational Consultant for JOIN Israel (see video below).

Founder and Chief Chocolatier of Laughing Gull Chocolates, Lindsay Tarnoff gave a step-by-step tasting with eight samples. Viewers tasted their way through the world of chocolate, with a guided discussion about the broad range of flavors in their kit, created by small batch chocolatiers.