Pitronot Advocacy Office Expands

The Pitronot (Solutions) Advocacy office welcomed 5 new staff members in 2019. Pitronot’s staff of lawyers, paralegals, and experts assist Israelis in crises through various methods in the legal sector. Giving loans advice, mediation, debt rehabilitation, legal advice and advocacy are some of the ways in which this office supports Israelis in crisis when they have no one else to turn to. JOIN’s Pitronot Advocacy office added 6 new staff members in 2019. Our staff of lawyers, paralegals and experts assist Israelis in crisis by providing top-flight financial and legal advice and advocacy—services that most clients are usually unable to afford but which spell the difference between sinking and surviving. Our services include loan advice, mediation, debt rehabilitation, legal advice and advocacy.

To celebrate Pitronot’s growth, we would like to share a few success stories:

The Cohen Family* had virtually no options until they received help from Pitronot. Their three- and-a-half-year-old child suffered from acute medical issues and required immediate and expensive medical treatment. Lacking funds and having nowhere to turn, the Cohens quickly sank into a morass of credit card debt. Their stress and desperation escalated when the government-enforced debt collection agency began knocking at their door.

Pitronot stepped in and arrested the debt collection process. We negotiated a reduced settlement amount and arranged for a manageable, long-term repayment plan through their family and friends. Now the Cohens can focus on their child’s health without risking their own well-being in the process.

Ori*, a 19-year-old soldier, suffered traumatic physical and mental events during his service in the IDF and was granted an early discharge. Unable to work and struggling to heal, Ori shouldered massive debt to sustain himself.

Ori’s parents turned to Pitronot to rescue their son from his financial pit. We negotiated a settlement with Ori’s creditors and set up a long-term, interest-free repayment plan. Ori is now able to focus on his recovery and get back on his feet without debt weighing on his shoulders.

*(Names have been changed)