Hot Lunch Program

Every child should have at least one nutritious meal a day. But that is not always the case for the girls at the Chazon Avraham school in Jerusalem.

Girls at Chazon Avraham typically come from homes full of strife, divorce, illness, poverty and dysfunction. Parents often lack the ability to appropriately educate, discipline and raise their children. The girls come to school without textbooks, notebooks or writing utensils. Basic medical needs and clean clothing are often unaddressed. The difficulties these girls live with expresses itself in the classroom academically, emotionally and socially.

Many girls come to school without any food at all. This is a human tragedy, a health and psychological tragedy, and a school tragedy.

With your support, JOIN Israel will institute a daily nutritious hot lunch program in Chazon Avraham. Together we can insure the wellbeing of these girls, help them feel cared about, and give them a chance to overcome their harsh realities to succeed in life!

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Chazon Avraham girls elementary school, founded in 1985, is a K–8 school for Sephardic girls in Jerusalem, many from problematic homes. Classes are small and personal, and remedial classes help weak students keep up and stay engaged. While not a high-performing academic school, Chazon Avraham begins English, science and computers in first grade to give students a head start in these critical subjects. Catering to single parents and dual-working parents, the school offers extended hours for all grade levels. The school’s mission is to offer more than an academic experience, but to radiate a warm, nurturing and encouraging environment that doubles as a surrogate home.