Executive Director

Stephen Bisk
Director of Development
Mindy Berman 
Young Leadership Director 
Devora Jaye
Board of Directors
Michael Asch
Regina Bisk
Doug Cohen
Maurice Dayan
Daniel Goldberg
Jeffrey Keswin
Jeffrey Kleinhaus 
Rick Smilow
Evelyn Stavsky
Bryan Weingarten
Neil Wessan

Founding Board
Linda Gordon Greenblatt
Daniel Nir

Young Leadership Board - YLB
Dan Aisen
Noah Batist
David Bratslavsky
Donna Breitbart
Zhak Cohen
Harrison Fischer
Matthew Goldberg
Matthew Grodin
Laura Hirschman
Adam Hirst
Misha Iokheles
Barak Kaufman
Grace Krasnerman
Zach Lazar
Adam Lev
Sam Levenson
Carrie Mlynarczyk
Greg Rosman 
Adam Sussman

About us:

Executive Director: Stephen Bisk
JOIN Israel’s founding Executive Director, Stephen Bisk, from Scarsdale, NY, is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business. Stephen has rabbinic ordination and seven certificate degrees in nonprofit management, education and family relationships.

Stephen has dedicated his life to blending a Wharton approach of value-investing and entrepreneurialism with an unbridled passion to helping people overcome impossible circumstances. He is analytical, principled, disciplined, and resolutely focused on primary goals and impact. His personal mission is to effectively leverage supporters, charities, government agencies, grassroots groups and best-programs to restore basic subsistence and promote opportunities for future growth.

Director of Development: Mindy Berman

Mindy brings over 25 years of Jewish and Israel fundraising experience (Atlanta Jewish Federation, Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey, UJA Federation of New York, and NORPAC, the largest pro-Israel PAC in the US) to her new post at JOIN Israel.

A native of the suburbs of St. Louis, MO, Mindy earned her Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Southern California and master’s degree in Jewish Nonprofit Management from Hebrew Union College.
Young Leadership Director: Devora Jaye 

Devora (“DJ”) is a youth leadership enthusiast, having worked 16 years with teenagers and young adults through NCSY, Heart, Mind and Soul, Aish D.C. and MEOR Maryland doing recruitment, programming, women’s leadership, public relations, graphic design, and practically everything else. Born in Potomac, MD, she has lived in NY, CT, Atlanta, and now NYC, where she is studying at the Touro Graduate School of Social Work. mailto:devora.jaye@gmail.com, (301) 221-0600