JOIN-Middle School to University

JOINing to ensure a child's scholastic motivation

Competition for a kid's interest has never been stronger. Academics are an unattractive alternative to today's youth. JHS to U exposes young teens to the most fascinating theories, discoveries and experiments in biotech, nanotech, robotics and law at Bar Ilan University, spurring motivation to excel in school.

University campus is an exciting experience for an early adolescent. Cutting-edge fields are fascinating to a generation growing up in a next-version reality. This project accesses the mystique and cool-factor of being a university student with others ten years their senior to lock them into a motivationally-charged educational path to university.

Story of Success

What better way to boost motivation and encourage academic excellence among underprivileged students than to give them a taste of the future?

JOIN Israel is doing just that in its tenth year of sending hundreds of students from junior high schools around Israel to Bar Ilan University and the Weizmann Institute for mini-courses on high-tech subjects like robotics and biotechnology. Besides expanding their educational horizons, this program uncovers the students' latent potential in today's cutting-edge fields.

Principals, teachers and parents alike relate how excited the youth are to partake in the stimulating and high-quality educational forums. "They begin to see themselves as students, instead of just kids in school," says the school principal in Rishon Letzion. "Their learning picks up, their assignments are done more seriously, and they behave more responsibly."

"They feel a level of pride and look forward to the day that they will be university students," adds a junior-high science teacher. "It certainly raises the level of their science knowledge and interest in advanced subjects. It's a powerful experience for these youth."


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