JOIN-Educational Enrichment

JOINing to ensure a child's education

Under-funded schools with outdated or non-existent facilities can torpedo any child’s motivation. Instead of creating an after-school, parallel program to supplement their education, JOIN Israel efficiently boosts the educational capabilities of 25 schools and 6,000 immigrant youth with enhanced computer, science, English, reading and music-enrichment centers.

Essentially, we are accessing infrastructure and manpower, circumventing a second set of logistics to manage (such as transportation and enrollment), and unifying the educational experience by working with the schools. 

Story of Success

JOIN Israel Helps Yakov Achieve and Stay Motivated

Yakov learns in the fourth grade in Hadera. He is bright and intellectual, but comes from a home that doesn’t nurture his capabilities. His father, Boris, an immigrant from the FSU, works with industrial machinery; his mother, Yelena, is a secretary. Their combined salaries barely cover basic expenses like rent, utilities, food and clothing.

A home computer? Forget it. Extracurricular activities? Out of the question. Yakov’s parents knew their son’s scholastic and intellectual development was at stake, but what could they do?

They found their solution in JOIN Israel's school-based educational centers, which inculcate high-level skills for pennies per student. The computer center fires Yakov’s imagination and hones his capabilities, while the reading library supplies him with reference books and encyclopedias on all topics. The English center sends Yakov home with English books under his arm and English songs on his lips, polishing his trilingual skills and his future marketability.

Yakov develops his athletic side with sports equipment subsidized by JOIN Israel, and participates in the various sports teams and competitions. "In our wildest dreams, we never thought we would be able to provide such an excellent education as this," Boris says. "Yakov is getting an education of the wealthy." All signs are go for Yakov to be tracked in the junior high school's Excellence Program, and pursue his passion of science in university.

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