JOIN-Day Camp

JOINing to make a child's summer

Impoverished children already spend fall, winter and spring grappling with pressures and strife at home, at school and on the street. A long, empty summer is a sure recipe for trouble. JOIN Israel's day camps provide nourishing fun, activities and healthy bonding with peers and counselors for 650 underprivileged kids each summer.

JOIN-Day Camp subsidizes existing school-based camps for families that cannot afford it, in order to avoid duplication and maintain social and education connections. Camps for youngest-age children are established where necessary with major community involvement.

Story of Success

Lior and Moriel were having a tough time. Their father had left home and moved in with the mother of one of their classmates. He started coming to school on behalf of the other child, no longer for them. They felt like the other kids were mocking them. The street was full of tough kids who intimidated them. And their home was generally empty and cold as their mother worked long hours to put food on the table. They never went anywhere, not even for trips to a museum or a park. Attention, activity and acceptance seemed light years away.

JOIN Israel’s Beit Shemesh summer camp was the answer to their prayers! The enthusiasm, warmth and inclusion of the counselors and other campers deeply touched them, and the trips were dreams come true. Lior and Moriel had the time of their lives and returned to school with a new attitude. Now they know there are people out there who care about them, and they can't wait to go to camp again next year!


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